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Practice Pads

Brand: Jim Kilpatrick Model: D-PAD08
The Jim Kilpatrick HEX Practice Pad is like no other practice pad on the market.The 13" playing surface provides variable feels from the outside to the centre of the pad, enhancing the stick response for the ultimate rebound. Provides a solid feel and stick response, as you would expect from a ..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Brand: Jim Kilpatrick Model: D-PAD05
The new Jim Kilpatrick Performer Practice Pad is a 10" pad with an advanced playing surface to inspire accurate and effective practice.Delivers the ultimate authentic drum feel for a highly dynamic response.Can be played anywhere and on any surface.Built in 8mm thread for mounting on a practice stan..
Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: Jim Kilpatrick Model: D-PAD04
The new Jim Kilpatrick Pro Pad Practice Pad is designed to give drummers of all styles the widest range of options possible.Key Features include:• Two interchangeable inserts including a white Mylar pad designed for solo and drum corps and a black silent workout foam pad, ideal for practicing in com..
Ex Tax:$140.00
Brand: Jim Kilpatrick Model: D-PAD06
The Jim Kilpatrick Blue Signature practice pad is designed to produce an accurate rebound and stick response that will help to develop the ultimate drumming technique for stick control, feel and speed.Features a specially selected blue neoprene playing surface for a true drumming experience.Built in..
Ex Tax:$70.00
Lightweight Practice Pad Stand
Lightweight practice pad stand.Designed to hold practice pads up to 12" in diameter.Fitted with an 8mm threaded screw.The stand is height adjustable and lightweight so great for practising at home or when travelling...
Ex Tax:$100.00
TruTone 8"Duo
Model: D-PAD09
Two pads in one!The Tru Tone Duo is a multi surface pad that provides a crisp drumhead on one side and a quieter more traditional rubber on the other! Flip and Play!No need to carry multiple surfaces to switch heads, change sounds or what not... Just flip the pad over and play fo..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Model: D-PAD08
DrummingMad Startpad.The top-quality and cost effective solution for every beginner snare drummer. This innovative and unique drumming practice pad will place every beginner snare drummer on the right path to drumming success.XX marks the spot guides to assist in perfect aimFlexible, Portable &..
Ex Tax:$30.00
Brand: Andante Model: D-PAD01
Uses a highly responsive rubber, mounted on a wooden base to ensure a great sound whether played on a solid surface or on your lap while seated.  It is designed to aid with stick control and rudiment development.Measures 23cm wide. 2.2cm high, pad diameter 13cm. ..
Ex Tax:$90.00
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