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Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: T-KCMT05
The 5 yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional 8 yard kilt. Less fabric is used in the pleats at the back, meaning you get a full kilt for a much cheaper price. Otherwise the construction is exactly the same, so you can be sure of a quality garment. There being less ma..
Ex Tax:$600.00
Four Grip Kilt Hanger Four Grip Kilt Hanger
Model: T-HANG01
The perfect way to hang your kilt without sagging - reduce the need to get your kilt pressed! Clips are adjustable to fit the size and support your kilt where it's needed. The robust construction will carry any kilt weight.Measures 51cm (20") across.We usually use the two side clips to support ..
Ex Tax:$33.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: T-KFM01
Pure new wool Great Kilt with optional accessories.The Great Kilt was a near universal garment in the Highlands from the sixteenth century to the early part of the eighteenth (when the modern small kilt, the feileadh beag, was developed). Traditionally, the Great Kilt was simply a large piece o..
Ex Tax:$500.00
Brand: St Kilda Retail Australia Model: T-KCMT08H
What sets us apart from the otheer retailers in Australia, is that our kilts are made on siteThe kilt is fully hand made and finished from 8 yards of 13 or 16oz. worsted wool, available in our full range of tartans from Lochcarron of Scotland, Strathmore Woollen Mills, House of Edgar and Marton Mill..
Ex Tax:$850.00
Full 8 Yard Machine Stitched Kilt Full 8 Yard Machine Stitched Kilt
Brand: St Kilda Retail Australia Model: T-KCMT08M
he 8-yard kilt is the gold-standard of kilt construction. Full-bodied with deeper pleats at the back, the 8-yard is ideal for any event you'll be attending. Our kilts, properly kept and treated, will last you a lifetime. Fully canvas lined with 3 buckles to ensure an excellent fit. The kilt is ..
Ex Tax:$700.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: A-CARBK1
The perfect way to carry your entire Highland outfit.Large hanger compartment for your kilt jacket, shirt (and spare trousers if you want).Internal straps to keep these firmly in place.Kilt roll to keep your kilt in the best pressed condition on arrival.Large separate pockets to keep your hose, so t..
Ex Tax:$120.00
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